Management Team
Jonney Shih - Chairman  

Jonney Shih presided as the Chairman and CEO of ASUSTeK Computer (ASUS) since 1993. Under Mr. Shih's leadership, ASUS has grown to dominate the motherboard, graphics cards and optical drive industries, and became a top 10 notebook brand globally. According to IDC data, 2 in every 5 PCs sold in 2007 were powered by an ASUS motherboard. ASUS is also a perennial winner of BusinessWeek's InfoTech 100 for ten consecutive years, and was selected as the No. 1 in quality and services by the Wall Street Journal Asia. In 2007, ASUS revenue reached 23 billion and that concludes an over 330 times growth rate in the 15 years of Mr. Shih's leadership.

Faced with the industry's fast changes and challenges, Mr. Shih has led the company through the split of the ASUS OEM and OBM business in 2008. Based on the past experiences, the spin-off gives each business a more precise positing to create the most opportunities and to become number one in both fields. Mr. Shih has since assumed the position of Chairman of ASUS.

Mr. Shih believes people are the most important assets of a company, and hence, he installed a company culture that encourages and challenges each member of ASUS to explore his/her highest potential. Mr. Shih also credits the company's success to its business philosophy that stresses the importance of focusing on fundamentals and end results, because that's the only way to determine the right direction whether it's product development, sales strategy or corporate vision.

Mr. Shih holds the Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Taiwan University and Master's Degree in Business Management from the National Chao-Tung University.

Other Distinctions:
1986 - Named as one of the nation's "Ten Most Outstanding Managers", and "Top Ten Scholars of Applied Science".
1990 - Selected by the national Chamber of Commerce as one of the "Ten Outstanding Youths" for outstanding success and contributions to the society.
1998 & 1999 - Recognized as one of the fifty "Stars of Asia" by BusinessWeek Magazine
2006 -Awarded with Outstanding Technology Management Award and Outstanding Entrepreneur Award from Chinese Society for Management of Technology and Chinatimes & Taiwan DHL, respectively.

Jonathan Tsang - Vice Chairman  

Jonathan Tsang is the vice chairman of the new Asustek since January 2008. Prior to this, Mr. Tsang was responsible for ASUS' global sales, marketing, product management, technical support and RMA service.

"Good tea reveals flavor in the aftertaste and an elegant scent is never strong to the smell." is Mr. Tsang's favorite proverb. Mr. Tsang believes that only with an exceptional corporate culture that a company can have sustaining core competitiveness. Mr. Tsang has set the "Rock Solid, Heart Touching" mortal, encouraging all ASUS colleagues to reach the highest standard in personal integrity, internal process and product quality; to win customers' hearts with exceptional design and innovation as well as customer service.

Under Mr. Tsang's leadership, the sales team commits to the five ASUS virtues of "Modesty, Integrity, Diligence, Agility and Courage" extensively; expanding new territories and building up worldwide sales & service points to establish ASUS as a premium brand that excels in quality, aesthetics and technology. In 2007 ASUS achieved number one among Taiwan's Top Global Brands with a brand value of 11.96 billion US dollars.

Before joining ASUS, Mr. Tsang founded Unimax Computer, Taiwan's first Unix-based software company to provide turnkey MIS solutions, in 1980. Mr. Tsang gained insights of the various business operations during system analysis of the application software with customers that broadened his vision. Mr. Tsang also acted as the director of CISA and managing director of Taipei Computer Association in the same period.

Jerry Shen - CEO  

Jerry Shen is the CEO of the new ASUSTeK from January 2008. Previously, Mr. Shen was the President of the AOOP group (ASUS Open Optimal Platform) for Motherboard (MB), Graphics Card (VGA), Desktop, Chassis, Digital Home, EMS and Server businesses from 1994~2007.

During this time, with strong engineering background and channel marketing experience, Mr. Shen led the company to become world's No.1 MB maker, achieved the ASUS "Giant Lion" goal and maintained order in this increasingly saturated market. In 2004, Mr. Shen led ASUS to new heights to become world's No.1 VGA maker with a 100% growth. Late 2006, Mr. Shen initiated the birth of the innovative EeePC. This product created a category of its own with the unique features that enable easy to learn, work and play and excellent internet experience. The Eee PC took the world by storm as a successful blue ocean strategy.

Mr. Shen emphasizes on the people as the fundamental of all innovation and technology. Therefore, Mr. Shen has invested much in recruitment, training, and career planning as well as the education of company philosophy and culture for ASUS employee.

Before joining ASUS, Mr. Shen spent 10 years at several senior R&D positions at computer companies and IT research institution. Mr. Shen received his Master degree in Electric Engineering from National Taiwan University in 1987.