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SKFH announces resolutions passed by the 2009 annual shareholders' meeting
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting: 2009/06/19
2.Important resolutions:
(1) Accepted the Company's 2008 final financial statements
(2) Accepted the Company's 2008 coverage of loss
(3) Amendment to the Company's Articles of Incorporation
(4) The Company intends to raise capital through issuance of GDRs and/or private
    placement common shares. Total amount of new shares will not exceed 2,000
    million shares, with either or both methods to be adopted. If the Company
    raises capital through private placement, announcement is made in accordance
    with Article 43-6 of the Securities Exchange Act as follows:
    A. Basis of price determination and reasonableness:
    The price of this private placement will not exceed 80% of the simple
    average closing price of common shares over one, three or five business days
    prior to the price determination date as stipulated by the competent
    authority, after adjustment for any distribution of stock dividends or
    capital reduction. Provisional price will be set at NT$10 per share. The
    Chairman shall be authorized to set the actual issue price according to
    market conditions. Price determination of this private placement is based on
    laws and regulations of the competent authority and takes into
    considerations the 3-years limitation on share transfer by the Securities
    Exchange Act. As such, the price determination mechanism is reasonable.
    B. Conditions of specific persons: The specific persons shall be qualified
    in accordance with Article 43-6 of the Securities Exchange Act.
    C. The necessary reasons for conducting private placement:
    (a) In order to enhance time effectiveness of capital raising and minimize
    impact on the share price, the Company has decided to raise capital through
    private placement.
    (b) The funds are used to increase the Company's equity capital, enhance
    financial structure and invest in subsidiary, SKL, to increase SKL's
    capital adequacy ratios.
3.Endorsement of the annual financial statements
(indicate “yes” or “no”): Yes
4.Any other matters that need to be specified: None

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