Mr. Qiming Xu
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Qiming Xu is the founder, chairman of our board of directors and chief executive officer of our company. Mr. Xu has approximately 23 years of experience in China's men's apparel industry. He began to manage his family's garment business in 1987 and has engaged in the wholesale men's apparel business since 1993. From February 1993 to December 2005, Mr. Xu served as general manager and executive director of Shishi Xiniya and was responsible for its overall business development, strategic planning and corporate management. Mr. Xu completed a diploma program for chief executive officers of enterprises in senior business management at the School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University in 2009. Mr. Xu is also a standing director of the Quanzhou Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce and a standing director of the Shishi City Hubin District Chamber of Commerce.