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Our board of directors currently consists of five directors. We currently do not intend to rely on the NYSE's home country practice exemptions for corporate governance matters. A director is not required to hold any shares in our company to qualify to serve as a director. A director may vote with respect to any contract, proposed contract, or arrangement in which he or she is materially interested. A director may exercise all the powers of the company to borrow money, mortgage its business, property and uncalled capital, and issue debentures or other securities whenever money is borrowed or as security for any obligation of the company or of any third party.

Title Name Key Responsibility
Chairman of the Board Mr. Qiming Xu The Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the company
Director Kangkai Zeng Director and the Chief Operating Officer
Independent Director Appointee Mr. Peter M. McGrath Member of Board of Directors
Independent Director Appointee Mr. Alvin Ang Member of Board of Directors
Independent Director Appointee Professor Bin Yang Member of Board of Directors

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